Sunday, September 07, 2014

A Fruit Bowl Turned Onion Bowl And My Antique Kitchen Table

My creation ‘Fruit Bowl Elstar’ never sold on Etsy, even though it attracted thousands of visitors. Probably it was too expensive to ship overseas because of the weight. I used almost two complete trashed XL T-shirts to make it. But at the Dutch craft shows nobody even looked at it. As I feared the colours would only fade from bringing it outdoors over and over again I decided to keep it for myself and decorate my kitchen table with it.

Because I’m not a fruit eater it now stores onions. Even though the colours don’t match as well as with the apples I’m quite happy with the picture.

My table is another late night pick-up from in front of my own door. It must be very old, at least from before 1940. It’s funny that years ago I put out my dining room table, but I had to have this one. Being quite narrow it just fitted in my kitchen. It’s very practical to have the extra surface there. The stained and scratched top tells me a long story of families and children having sat at it. The wall and the cupboard on the left hide damage on those sides. Though I’m not really a fan of the curly style of the thick legs, that completely matches with my dresser and my coffee table and I think it’s growing on me!