Monday, February 29, 2016

Different Views

Yesterday’s fun sale was this ugly painted over magazine rack. What’s more fun is that I found it next to the dumpster in my co-picker’s street, practically in front of his door. Now he can’t have missed it, because I left it there for one night.

First I had to bring this way more interesting lamp home that was there as well and I didn’t go back for the rack.

A day later the horrible thing was still there, not surprisingly, but I had more or less expected to find it in my porch. Apparently my friend didn’t see what I saw: a practical thing that serves as a side table as an extra, painted over in white it could look nice, and young people like the stuff they’ve seen in their grandparent’s houses. Young lady walked off with a big smile.

Now this is more the style I’ve seen in my grandmother’s house. It could be even early 20th century, but not a very special thing. Looks kind off the kitsch of the time to me. Even though incomplete it’s cute, it was rewired and working and it sold within a week.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fashion Makes Things Move

Yesterday’s surprise sale:

Listed in the morning, by 4 pm ordered and paid for. It’s one of the last items of my current fashion clothing stock that I started listing like mad late January.

After the surprising sale of the summer dress in August I was very pleased to find a suitcase full of the coolest stuff across the street in October 2015, and more in bags later on, but I wasn’t looking forward to dressing up the doll and started on the easy things.

I had a few non-serious reactions on the hat, but after a couple of weeks an enthusiastic youngster showed up.

I gave the buyers really great deals on these scarves, but they all flew out within days.

A coat beyond repair went to recycling, but not before cutting the buttons off. Listed on Etsy and sold early February.

This whole batch made a total of only EUR 15, but that doesn’t matter. After a great start of the year, in the third week everything came to a sudden halt. Just nothing, total silence. I know to keep listing is the credo and it was time to dive into those bags. Fashion is good stock to have and work on in slow times and since that lull I sold over 10 clothing items which I will show later.

And then I wasn’t talking about the shoes yet!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Mystery Item: Cast Iron Foot

No new sales to report, but that’s okay, yesterday I did my shift at the thrift shop and had my little compensation for that.

I’ve been wanting to show this for a while:

Brought in by my co-picker, and I couldn’t have dragged it home anyway! It weighs a ton, measures 43 cm / 17 in across and the center hole 5 cm / 2 in. And it has two sort of handles to pull it around. The aluminium strips are put on by someone and can be removed.

I know it's probably early 20th century. Anybody have a clue what it is? Table stand? Garden umbrella stand? My imagination stops right there.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trash On Etsy: Leather Punky Cuffs

Last night I came home to an Etsy order. Yay! Always excited, even after almost ten years. I guess it’s the fact that it’s a worldwide platform, despite the humongous amount of sellers still exclusive, but mainly most of my sales are international.

Before I even looked I sensed it was this:

Another leather punky cuff, listed two weeks ago that came from the same bag of my co-picker as the door handles.

Because earlier in January I listed these two, from the same lot and they flew out as well.

I priced them USD 5 each, not a lot but according to the average on Etsy. Maybe not so exciting but I keep in mind: I had them at a car boot sale once, nobody looked and I think a EUR 2 or so would have been my most daring price.

The orange cuff went to the US, the other two to separate buyers in the UK.

Selling trash on Etsy, making USD 15 out of nothing, I say YAY!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

That Same Colour Blue

Yesterday I sold this little lamp foot. I found it many years ago and intended to keep it, but it has been in and out of use and I never found a really practical spot for it. Finally the shade, a greatly matching separate find, turned ugly with age and last October I threw that in the bin in the street and listed the base.

It’s now a rule for me to list anything I’m not using after all, before dragging too much new stock in. I love these old wooden crates and I really wanted this. Either to display stuff in at the markets or at home. But of course it had to be painted white first. Well after two years it still hadn’t happened. Listed earlier this month and sold within two weeks. Too cheaply, but I wanted it out. I’ll find new cool stuff.

It’s funny but that ugly blue is the exact same as the original colour of my photography table I found years before. That’s now sort of white washed in preparation of a final layer of white, but the thing is in use every day now. At least it looks better already.

Both found across the street, surely the crate and the table came from the same house.

That’s it for now, I still have to pack up the lamp.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Short Post

I’m so busy listing and selling now I haven’t the time anymore for long theme based posts. I think I will go back to doing shorter posts just showing latest finds or sales and a few older ones.

Yesterday this old picture frame went out. At least I listed it just for the frame as the art work was in very bad condition. Didn’t get much but it wasn’t worth more. Brought in by my co-picker.

From a bag full of smaller items he brought me in August these door handles went first. They are very expensive even wholesale, but they didn’t make me a fortune. The guy claimed his bid was according to second hand prices and I wanted the sale so I accepted.

Then a little later I listed this too, from the same bag. I don’t know how you call it in English but you can see it’s the thing that turns the lock on a bathroom door.  They are cheap even retail, but I knew it would go. What did surprise me was the young couple came from out of town for it, but they combined the pick-up with an afternoon out.

Another frame my co-picker delivered to my door was quickly sold in December, to a lady who took three items at once. Later about that. Given the white paint stains I got a decent amount for it.

In all a total of easily earned EUR 40.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Vintage In IKEA Out

I found this little table a week ago across the street. Almost left it due to lack of storage place but I went back for it.

I listed it then changed my mind about that too. Looking at this old IKEA rack or side table that I picked up at the exact same spot two years ago, I decided I wanted the newfound in its place. I'll do something about the bad paint job when Spring comes. 

I can’t really place it in time, but I remember seeing the style in country houses where I played as a kid. No before pictures available, but I guess you can imagine the improvement this is. I hope the IKEA will sell soon!