Monday, March 20, 2017

Clothing 2016 - Part II - And Some Shoes

April last year I found two trash bags across the street that contained soaking wet clothing. I thought it was from standing untied right there in the rain and threw them in the corner of my shower. The next day it turned out to be a near disaster. The bags must have been outdoors in the rain for weeks or even months. It all smelled mouldy. I had running stains on light coloured pieces from darker pieces. I had black weather stains. I had holes. I had totally worn out shoes. I had one single shoe. I had one nice pair of shoes equally ruined by colour stains. All went in the one empty bag and straight back to trash. But this time inside the dumpster. Not worth looking at for anybody and sorry for not recycling it. It was too much and too mucky.

I washed the rest. I had minor mildew stains and even… slug or snail tracks! This all washed away. Then I filled a plastic tote bag with basics like T-shirts and tank tops for free pick-up center.  I brought four slightly more attractive cotton jersey tops to a market and sold one. I donated the rest the next day. There was a one piece XL swimming suit that sold quickly at the market.

Was it all worth the trouble? Well, I do still think so. I got some nice stuff in exchange for my donations. And I still have four black blouses to be listed. I had to rewash them because the slime didn’t come out the first time and I just did that recently. A black jacket suit style that I kept for myself. And I must have a black dress somewhere that I also want to wash again and may be ok to take to a market.

But here’s what sold on line:

This pair of Birckenstocks was unexpectedly decent and it went pretty quickly at a fair price.

And this Claudia Sträter velvet skirt that I didn’t think much off, but the fabric must have been great quality if it survived without any stains or damage. As said in the last post, I learned to hold on to clothing with big brand labels. Even if it takes a bit longer as happened in this case, they eventually sell the item for you.

Now the rest that I didn't show yet:

From the Fall 2015 haul. Both sold to a woman who lives across from me. Well it's a side street but she can see my door from her balcony! To think I found the pieces on a spot she can see from there as well.... LOL.

Three yard cotton shawl. Pulled out of the side pocket of a suitcase with real trash in it.

From my favourite stretch of curb. Quality material but they were retail only around EUR 80, so I let them go at first bid. A quick in and out.

By Sergio Rossi! These are very expensive. Months later from the exact same spot, same owner? But I think they differed a size. However they looked a bit worn, and the pointed model is dated. Then Rossi currently doesn't sell any men's shoes. I was afraid I would be stuck with them so I took the way too low bid I finally got as well.

I kept these in a drawer for years. Not sure why. Well, I liked them and lengthwise they were ok for me, but too tight at the front and unadjustable. The straps with velcrow are just cosmetic. When finally listed they went quickly at the price I set on it.

I forgot about this one in my last post. It's also from the 2015 haul. I listed it but the brand (Loila USA) is unknown here and though it looked nice it was kind of a cheap make. When it didn't sell in the first free listing period I dropped it off at pick-up center.

That's it for now. See you later!