Monday, August 27, 2018

Three Fantastic Paintings

Oops, it’s been too long again since I posted. Well, changing one second job that totally sucked for a better one has been occupying me. So I also didn’t pick up much trash, which is all the better since I still hope to sell out, get space and then start all over again but more organized. Although I sold some stuff on line, most went out at the markets. Let’s have a look at what I lost in the past months, at least the things that were photographed but were unsuccessful on line.

A set of IKEA pillows. In my possession since 2015. I found the cases and later added the inserts from free pick-up centre. Didn’t help sell them. In June we went to that fun place by the water in the north of Amsterdam and they were gone in the first hour.

A pile of 13 Willy and Wandas. Decided against listing because of poor condition. Little boy didn't mind.

A tablet sleeve.

A couple of weeks later I was amazed a Moroccan guy bought  this for his mother!

The occasional book. Bought by an English girl who was reading aloud from it to her boyfriend and apparently found it hilarious.

In July we went to a one-time event at a new location, not far from the usual mall in the west of town but found a totally different crowd. Nice people and I lost some more really old stuff.

Unfortunately only this magazine basket to show. A German brand who dump their outlet at Lidl.

Back in the north last week I had my best day so far. Not in sales numbers but in having a great time.

First off while still unpacking this expensive photo book went. I dumped it because off the cracks on the cover.

Then even two age old handmades. Reused yarn and that blue is from yarn found in 2009.

And then this bright red dress went after over two years of trying. I thought it was quite lovely but while shooting I noticed the seams were not of the best quality so it had to be a market flog.

So here it comes. My neighbour Freek picked up these three paintings with fantasy creatures. So far I sold all the paintings he brought me on line. Not this time. I see my first listing dates of October 2016. I gave up earlier this year but they had become hidden behind a pile of stuff, so I couldn't bring them out. Digging through it all season that morning I finally got to them and said: Yes, this is your day! Well, starting off with a light drizzle they had to stay in the car boot and I was downed a bit. But it cleared up quickly, then towards the end of the day a young woman walked off with all three. Passing by a short while later with family I heard her say: Look, this where I got them! I felt so chuffed and my friend was shining with me. She liked them.

Finally yesterday we were back at the mall. Not fantastic, but at least I got rid of this big vase that was taking up space in the bags. Altogether there is quite a large open space in my little storage now, so the rest of the day I will spend filling that with things that are now still crowding my living space. Feeling good!