I live in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a great city for trashpicking. You wouldn't believe what perfectly good en beautiful stuff I've found over the years. So I'd like to share some of it with you. Be amazed!

Everytime I save a piece from the incinerator I'm not just happy for my wallet, but also for the world. Because this is another item that I didn't have to purchase and that didn't have to be manufactured especially for me, since it already existed. I know it's a drop in the ocean but it makes me feel good.

Being a crafter for almost all my life I've also become quite handy in repairing things or using parts of old things to make new stuff. On the other hand what I find also inspires me and a lot of the materials I use for my hobby come from stuff thrown away by others.

Delft Blue Mini Chandeleer

Delft Blue porcelain is popular around the world, sold well in tourist shops in Holland so I guess we produce a lot of it. Still every piece...