Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Latest Creation

OK, this is a bit shameless self promotion for my Etsy shop, but I really didn't start my weblog for this purpose. This just happens to be such a great example of how I change curb found knitwear into 'arty' tea cozies and other things. And it just happens to be for sale as well.

The nice story about this is how the discarded, from wearing and washing somewhat sagged H&M sweater (otherwise the yarn was in perfect condition), just exactly matched with the colour of some vintage seventies beads I picked up at my mum's weeks before I found it. And then there was a leftover of purple cotton yarn from a sweater I bought years ago in the thrift shop, that was just perfect for the embroidery.

I like to design fully inspired by these accidental finds and combinations and my own eclectic mind and hope I am free from influence from fashion, tv and other commercial things. Well, there's a full description of the tea cozy in the shop, so read that here.

To end, if your fingers start to itch right now, I don't think I showed that link before, here's a complete instruction for unraveling sweaters.

PS: if you read the earlier post about Queensday with the beige potholders, they were sold and the link will now lead you to the mint green replacements.


Deb said...

Very nice are very the beadwork!

Le-Chat said...

Thanks Deb! You know, it took me months to work out the idea for the beading. I had never done anything like that before. Turned out quite nice after all, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Gosh is that cute! Slightly adapted to be a hat, I think I would wear that. Ha! :)

Le-Chat said...

Actually Jenn, I first made hats like that, then adapted the model for tea cozies! Still have some to post in my Etsy shop, I'll let you know :)