Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Laundry Baskets

If you read the post about My House you may remember the BF and I are neighbours. That means we have to have a lot of stuff double, but we share the washing machine. It’s in my place for practical reasons, but I don’t mind doing his laundry as long as he cooks for me. Which is pretty much every day since we freecycled a cooker with an oven for him from an old guy next door.

The only disadvantage is it involves using a load of laundry baskets. Four at least: one to collect my laundry, one to collect his, one to bring his clean stuff upstairs and one extra just in case I forgot to bring the empty one down again. Luckily I didn’t have to buy any. Of course they don’t cost anything retail, the other day I saw them on sale for two euro’s, still I’m thinking that’s a total of eight euro’s not spent and four plastic items not made especially for me.

This yellow one is from the fifties and I found it twenty years ago. They still made strong stuff those days, it’s simply unbreakable. But I’m afraid it’s not very eco-friendly. So I think if I ever decide to get rid of it I’ll have to bring it to the chemical waste depot instead of leaving it on the curb.

This grey one had a few cuts already, but it was still perfectly usable, but guess what? The evening after I took the picture I was able to replace it with another in the exact same model and brand new.

A few days later the Gods of the curb rewarded me for my frugality I think when I found this extra large basket. It’s nice to have things in natural materials and this one certainly can’t have been cheap and it’s in mint condition. It will be very practical for the summer, when I often have two machines full hanging to dry outside in the yard.


Anonymous said...

I love wicker laundry baskets. I had a round plastic one like your plastic one for over 20 years too.
I just wanted to let you know my sister and mother love the little crochet flowers. Yesterday was my sister's birtday and I put the blue one in her birthday basket of things. I plan on checking your etsy site again. I need more flowers for gifts. Thanks.

Le-Chat said...

Thanks Pam. So glad to hear your gifts were a success. Last week I added a sweet pink one and some other colour combinations, but I thought you might like that pink one.

Anonymous said...

The lady we live with - should call her mom? or a friend? - rescued a nice wicker storage with a padded top. She said she was going to change the fabric and paint it.

By the way, we published a blog post about you saving teddy bears and things on our blog. is the URL for the post. Check it out!

Thanks for all your help and please let us know if you saved another teddy ;-)

Teddy and Pencil

Le-Chat said...

Thank you so much, Teddy and Pencil. My bears are really proud. Today we found a 'teddy bear' of a different kind. A neigbour presented us with a lost young cat who had been for days in her garden. He is in my BF's apartment now and we're going to try to find his original mom and dad if we can, but if no-one shows up we'll be happy to keep him. We've lost cats, unfortunately, and we can't imagine how anybody could abandon a pet, a living or a stuffed one fort that matter, it makes no difference.