Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pottery and Ceramics

Last time I was quite militant, wasn't I? So now for those who prefer to read my blog for that reason, let's go back to showing some of the prettier trash found treasures. I don't want to talk about the pile of ordinary plates, cups, bowls, mugs etc. Apart from what I inherited from my family any addition to my kitchen cabinets comes from the curb. Honest, people throw out complete sets! But here are a few of my 'showpieces':

This crude terracotta jug makes a nice vase. I like it because it's quite probably someones project from a pottery class or so. Despite the crudeness it's well made and beautiful in it's simplicity.

This earthenware piece comes from the trash of on of the few detached houses in my neighbourhood. It's the old lockkeeper's house; the old locks being out of use for years, the keeper's widow was allowed to stay, but recently she moved to a home and in the year previous to that we found all sorts of interesting things there. I can't say how old the vase really is or what it's worth because it has no factory stamp, only the maker's signature, but it is an original hand paint in the tradition of Delft Blue (even though this one is coloured).

Here's a nice bowl that's not old, but certainly handwork and completely intact. I don't know what part of the world this comes from, India, Africa? If anybody knows, let me know!

And isn't this cute? It's only 4.5'' high! A mass produced piece for sure and a copy of old styles, but it's fine porcelain and the paint work is still done by hand. As it's not really my style I put this one up for sale in my Etsy shop, in case you're interested.


Cats-Rockin-Crochet said...

I like the nice bowl. Good finds.

Greg said...

That last piece is kind of weird. I know its floral, but when you take it in from a distance, and consider the outer profile, it looks sort of like a creepy clown.