Monday, November 03, 2008

A Bucket Of Bulbs

It's bulb planting time, and some two weeks ago the trash offered me this very timely gift. And as you can see, when I say bucket I don't mean a yoghurt pot sized bucket (that's what my harvest from my tulips from last year fits in... see here). This is a 20 or more liter container and really filled from the bottom to the brim with... well, I'm not sure what type they are, but because of their size my guess is daffodils. They were waiting for me only a block away in the Wednesday trash and of course this report will be continued next spring when they will flower.

Now this amount is even too big for my small garden, but I plan to put them in the public patch behind the garden fence as well, and as I suspect they maybe older than this year's harvest and may not come up all, I'm not afraid to put them all over. Can't wait for spring now!


Unknown said...

Daffodils, to me, always look fresh and happy! I have some that are scattered about in my lawn. (They bloom before the grass is ready to be cut in the Spring - late bloomers simply get mowed around!)

Le-Chat said...

Oh yes, that is a great idea. My lawn is VERY tiny, and basically just a patch of grass for the cats to nibble on, but it's in poor condition and the bulbs may just fill up the black spots.

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