Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tea Pots And Tea Cozies

Sorry I haven’t written a New Year’s post, but it’s not too late though to wish all my readers a happy, healthy, green and crafty 2010!

The thing is late December I got an invitation from a real gallery to exhibit my tea cozies in February. So the year is starting off good, but I’ve been working like crazy to finish off the one new model I had begun to work on since a long time.

With my cutest model ‘Pagoda’ (see album link below) sold I don’t really have that much to show. I made this new one - which I shall name 'Chess' by the way because of the pon-shape inside the tower - to fit a sweet Brown Betty type of pot that I bought in a thrift shop. I didn't unravel, but used a small batch of leftover yarn I found in my mother's attic. For insulation I filled it with polyfiber from an old sleeping bag.

Tea pots are hard to find in the trash and if at all usually very damaged or missing the lid. But I’ve been really lucky once with this simple glass model that was completely unused as well.

Hopefully I’ll find time to model a second new cozy on this pot before I meet for the first time with the gallery owner, which is in less than two weeks.

You can find all cozies I've made so far in my online album here.


Unknown said...

Your tea cozies are just beautiful! I love that beautiful red/fuchsia color ... and how brilliant that it's from leftover yarn to go on a "found" tea pot.

We all should take a lesson from your "reuse" book!

Congrats on being invited to exhibit your tea cozies ... what a nice way to start the year!

Wishing you all kinds of good things in 2010.

Small Footprints

Lucy said...

I love to crochet! It's so much more portable than knitting and easier to do small projects. I also love the red!

Le-Chat said...

Thanks SF for stopping by, and The L&D Show. Canada looks gorgeous in winter, I dread the cold though :)

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