Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Ikea Wire Chairs

That famous slim design fold-up chair from the eighties, two of them right at the collection point in front of my door! And I just loved the colour. Kept them for a while with the idea of gifting them to someone at some point. But nobody needed them. As my friend Tracy found herself a furnished studio I would have to keep them for years to come before she gets an apartment of her own.

So I dragged them to the flea markets a couple of times, but without success. Then finally listed them on an auction site and sold them within two weeks to a hip young lady who found them just super cute.


Brooke xo said...

oh how I wish I had found these!!

Nikki / Click Clack Gorilla said...

Haha, we have that exact some chair. Also from the trash. Happy picking!