Saturday, June 01, 2013


Having drawers full of curb found stainless flatware this lot was to be sold immediately. I had a ¾ complete set of vintage Gero Zilmeta including 3 serving spoons; 6 vintage decorated desert spoons; 6 IKEA desert spoons and 6 IKEA teaspoons.

Listed separately the pretty desert spoons went within a week. The rest combined as a set wasn’t a success. Then the IKEA desert spoons went at our first flea market of the year. 

So I changed my listing for the rest to the Gero Zilmeta only with a nicer photo not showing each single piece and to my surprise that sold a week later.

The fun is the whole lot came in the suitcase of the new set the previous owners had apparently bought. Which now serves me as a carrier and display for my craft.


tess said...

what a wonderful display case for all your cute needlework

Darlene said...

Wow what a great find...I love trash pickin'! Your needle work is so cute!