Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two Shop Window Doll’s Arms, A Terra Cotta Vase And A Miller’s Collectables Guide

Last year, for six months I had a spot at a pop-up indoor market place where I offered my handmades of course, but added curb found second hand and vintage to my table to help cover the costs. Especially in the beginning when we didn’t have a reputation yet that was necessary.

Looking for something to display my crochet cuffs on, Patrick, a fellow vendor gladly lent me his doll’s arms that I saw sticking out of an old bucket in his corner.

As he wanted to keep his bucket, my black oval terra cotta vase turned out to be a perfect replacement as a base.

One day I was happily surprised as I walked in and found the arty owner of the shop had picked up my display and placed it on a table in the middle of the entrance room. First thing the visitors set their eyes on!

When we all packed up in December Patrick was so kind to leave me his arms. I know he found them in the trash anyway, but as he then showed interest in my collectables guide of course that was my return present to him.

The vase never sold so now the display serves as a fun decoration in my home reminding me of all the sweet people I met at the project and the great time I had. Apart from that I use the arms every now and then as a photo prop for my Etsy shop.

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