Friday, February 23, 2018

Chess, Backgammon, Risk

This week I was very pleased to ship out this luxury wooden chess and backgammon set.  Unfortunately the varnish was in such a bad shape.

Therefore I accepted first reasonable bid, otherwise it’s a fine piece of craftsmanship.

My neighbour brought it in last summer, but I waited to find matching playing pieces at the thrift shop. With my volunteers discount I paid 75 cents EUR.

Though still cold we had some fine weather last week and I profited from that to put it up. I had no idea what to expect as I saw plenty of comparable sets around in the classifieds. I’m really glad it went so fast. One more big thing out of the house!

So let’s see what comparable I sold last year?

Ah, here it is. Risk.

Found in a plastic tote on a rainy day placed by a paper recycling dumpster. Usually that means books and I expected them to be soaked and ruined. Almost passed by but curiosity won and I found this one with another less interesting game in fairly dry boxes.

Good for immediate listing and guess what? Sold the same day!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Lovely Face

My first trash sale of the year was this plastic frame that I sold for my friend who picked it up in her part of town. It looks really cheap, but by the back side you can see it’s quite vintage. When were things like that still made in Italy?

The print was thin paper on board with a fine structure pressed in, as they used to do in the Seventies. So I listed it just for the frame, but my friend said she loved the girl’s face and enjoyed looking at it for the short period she had it in her house.

Let’s see what else I sold for her.

These two flowery fruit bowls went last year January. Quite horrendous, but they were in great shape and the glass was thick and of good quality. Not pressed glass.

The buyer of the pink one told me she got one from outlet stock on a giant flea market in Holland. After she broke it she was thrilled to have found a replacement. I take it these two came from the same place.

Well, I should go now. But looking forward to show more rescued goodies soon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Plastic Camping Stuff

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. The thing is I took on a second part time job in October. Even though it’s only eight hours a week - totaling my hours to some maximum of 26 - it sucks al lot of my energy. Sales of rescued goods continue, but at a much slower space. I also don’t pick up a lot because I don’t feel like finding storage place for new things right now. Then winter doesn’t help to take photo’s outdoors and list. But I’m still selling from stock, I have free afternoons, I’m starting to get used of my schedule, and I should finally start covering 2017!

So for the moment I’d better forget about all plans of long themed posts and just show a few items at the time. To begin with what went out of the house recently and combine it with something from last year.

Yesterday I shipped out this small set of camping crockery. The company that makes this high quality unbreakable plastic still exists, but by the colour I judged it Seventies anyway. I’m not a fan of plastic but it made me nostalgic of camping holidays and the pale yellow 1960-s set we used to have. That would have been a real collectible now.

This brings me to camping coolers.

After successfully selling one vintage cooler I dug up this one that was in my shed for over ten years. So forgot where exactly I got it but from but trash for sure. Never used it for anything so it had to go.

Then not much later the dump in my street produced one almost the same. Looking more scratched it was still perfectly usable. At a bit lower price it found a new home quickly as well.

Let me end with my eco tip of the day: did you know camping coolers make great thermal cookers? I considered trying it (or perhaps did I dig up the blue and pink with that in mind? - forgot), but not for me as I rarely cook, but if you’re interested read this post by Gregg Koep at Not Buying Anything. Great blog by the way.