Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Lovely Face

My first trash sale of the year was this plastic frame that I sold for my friend who picked it up in her part of town. It looks really cheap, but by the back side you can see it’s quite vintage. When were things like that still made in Italy?

The print was thin paper on board with a fine structure pressed in, as they used to do in the Seventies. So I listed it just for the frame, but my friend said she loved the girl’s face and enjoyed looking at it for the short period she had it in her house.

Let’s see what else I sold for her.

These two flowery fruit bowls went last year January. Quite horrendous, but they were in great shape and the glass was thick and of good quality. Not pressed glass.

The buyer of the pink one told me she got one from outlet stock on a giant flea market in Holland. After she broke it she was thrilled to have found a replacement. I take it these two came from the same place.

Well, I should go now. But looking forward to show more rescued goodies soon.

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