Sunday, June 30, 2024

Plastic Laundry Container

This came from across the street in mint condition. It's a 50/60 l bin for laundry. I suppose there's one in every household. Supposed to be useful indeed. Could have kept it for me. But I don't want one anymore.

In my place, it turned out that textiles that raise the question: 'do I still want to wash this or should it go to recycling?' tend to clogg to bottom of the bin. And other mess somehow ends up in  it.

I never bought one though. Not such an important thing to spend money on in my life. 

But once I won one like this in a contest. It was huge. A cotton bag some 80 by 80 cm hung from a wooden frame. It was way before internet age so I wanted to keep it and somehow I found room for it. Can't guarantee the cotton was eco. It ended up being birth place for kittens in 2001. Of course after that I moved mama and babies to a more practical box. I trashed it in 2005 when we temporarily had to move out for the renovation.

Years later I found one like this. With bent sides and the lid crooked and not closing well, not to sell, but in bright orange I thought it would bring a colourful touch to my kitchen. Same thing happened. Not using it the way I should use it. It went back to trash. And then it was a crappy product that wasn't made to last that makes me think 'why'? I'm back to where I started as a young person. Laundry goes straight into the machine. When it's full I wash.

Still wonder why the one I sold was trashed. But it found a new home quickly at €5. Couldn't find it back on internet but not bad if you think comparables go new between €12-20.

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