Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Superdry Ladies Sneakers

Again I don't remember where exactly I found these, but sales admin says 'street'. But most likely from a suitcase full of new and almost new clothing all exactly my size just in front of the door, August 2017. Five pairs of jeans which I all kept and more. But that by now are mainly all worn out.

And even the shoes were my size, well, in length but probably too tight on the side. My problem with most fashion shoes. And with the floral design a bit to sweet to my liking.

The other fun is at the time I had no clue about fashion brands of now and I didn't care. Ok I still don't care but I know more. As since I've done inventories for Superdry stores many times. I sold the pair €4 October 2017, with what I know now I might have asked more.

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