Saturday, May 19, 2007

Crazy or lucky?

If you see the list of May third, you may think I spend hours scavinging going all over town (that's crazy!) or I must be just downright lucky. None of this is true. All these items were found in the vicinity of my home and we usually spend no longer than 30 minutes on an average evening scavenging stroll. Sometimes, when I put out my own trash I find stuff my own next door neighbours have put out (as in the case of the sewing machine). Sometimes, when I'm up and awake that early, I take a quick tour around the block in the morning. And of course I always keep my eyes wide open when cycling through streets where the garbage truck hasn't passed yet. But that's all.

All this sort of items are being put out on the streets regularly all over the city of Amsterdam. While writing this my boyfriend just came back from bringing his waste paper and glass to the special containers for that and presented me with an unpacked IKEA picture frame, the screws and wire to hang it up included. And it's not even trash night yet. That's tomorrow.

Here's the photo, just to prove that not every road side pick is old, used or to be recuperated.

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