Sunday, May 20, 2007

Display Materials

Being a crafter/designer I need good photo's to present my work on the internet. Good display materials are a vital help for this. I would love to have a real shop-window dummy and even though I know a place where I could buy one second hand, this is way out of my reach. But so far I've been able to get by with some pretty good finds.

This cardboard torso came from our (only) local men's fashion store. Unfortunately the boy's neck is to thick to use it as a display for my necklaces, but for my still to put in practice plan to shoot all my old knit sweater designs, that will be no problem. In the meantime it serves fine as a hang-up for my crocheted bags and purses. If you want to see more, take a look in my Etsy shop.

This strange-only half a lady-dummy needed some work first. A lick of leftover beige latex wallpaint made her look a lot better already. She has a ring with a screw attached to her back side, with which I hung her up on the pole of a broken floor lamp (took of all the wiring and sawed off the top part). She now stands free and with some pinning at the back I will be able to show skirts and tops on her.
In the meantime, with a counterweight at the back, she is a solution for the necklaces.

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