Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Dining Table

My boyfriend found this table, so it's in his apartment. I would LOVE to have it. But alas, it was his find... Don't really know what else to say about it, let the picture speak for itself:

Well, if you want, you can read on to learn about the story of the find. He came back from an errand one Sunday afternoon, ran into my house (he lives upstairs of me) yelling he needed the cart for the most amazing table he'd ever seen. But just having a young fashion designer visiting me whom I was going to help out on a crocheted piece, I felt a bit awkward at his excitement. But I excused myself and helped him get the cart from the yard. Then when he came back twenty minutes later or so, we were all amazed indeed. The piece seemed totally unused with it's thick layer of undamaged shiny varnish and I really like the thick log, lumberjack style of it. The only reason I can think of people discarded it is that the planks on the top aren't even everywhere (so your plates wobble a bit), but it doesn't bother us at all. It's a year on now, and sometimes while having dinner we're still amazed.

By the way on top you see a crocheted tea cosy (by me) made from a trash (unravelled) sweater. There's next to nothing in the picture that was bought in a shop. Though I helped cleaning up a bit for the photo, it looks like a neat cosy dining corner for a man living on his own, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

je suis étonnée, c'est toi Miche qui écrit en anglais comme ça ?
j'ai pas tout pigé mais j'ai compris que tu as trouvé cette table et que tout ce qui il y a sur la photo également. bravo petit frère!!
la Dude

Le-Chat said...

Merci pour ta commentaire, La Dude!
Non, Michel does not write like that 'en anglais', he could only dream of that, haha. I write the stories here (but I wish I could write like that 'en francais'), but Michel did find that table and a lot of beautiful presents for me too.

Astrid, alias 'Le-Chat'