Friday, February 13, 2009

A Strange Musical Instrument

A long time ago I wrote about the simple rack we gave to our good friend Ed to display his collection of musical instruments on. In fact we only picked up this guitar-like instrument because we thought of him and we were just waiting for the proper occasion. So when he invited us to join the celebration of the 20th anniversary of his arrival in Amsterdam we were ready to go and didn't have to go shopping for a present.

It misses most of its strings but it's otherwise in good condition. Though nobody at the party had ever seen anything like it before it's a real instrument to be played on, not some kind of toy or decorative thing.

And at least our man is more than happy with his new curiosity. Now the only thing I still haven't done is to go over to his place and take a picture of the complete collection on that rack. But as I promised him a frame from my curb found pile for a drawing someone made for him I hope to get that opportunity soon.


Unknown said...

Hey, I just did a write up about your blog on Art of Recycling. Check it out.

Mick said...

A recumbentbike-friend of mine recently bought an (I think) comparable instrument: An electric amplified contra bass.

onno david said...

Strange instruments odd music is an amazing site dedicated to eccentric, bizarre and downright weird musical instruments with loads of pics and audio examples. Here's just a few of the wonderful instruments. I think this is a comparable instrument.