Monday, October 12, 2015

A Tribal Picture Frame

Inspired by the primitive little animals I looked up an old photograph from 2013 of a tribal wooden frame. It’s made of scrap wood and likely held a mirror. Another drop off in my front porch by my neighbour. I thought it would be a great item for my booth at the arty indoor market place, so I dragged it over and boldly stuck 20 euros on it. And thought oops! But my fellow vendors agreed with the price.

They were right. A couple of weeks later, while I wasn’t present, they sold it to what they described as a gentleman who looked like an artist who almost certainly saw a great picture frame in it.

Recently I found some painting supplies in a bag my neighbour gave me. When I read at Things I find in the garbage that there is a market for vintage pencils I thought this expensive aquarelle colour pencils should have a chance. I looked up what they do retail and calculated about a quarter of that. They sold the next day. Not the head prize of course, but I was happy with the successful experiment.

Not so much luck with the gouache paint. It might have sold on line in the end, but as there was a car boot sale opportunity late August I took it along and sold it at the same price as it was listed for.

As proved my recent Etsy sales as well, in general art and craft supplies are pretty good selling products.

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