Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rob & Coen’s Car Boot Sale

A week after our second sale at the mall we went to check out a new venue by the river IJ and had a great view over the water. Unfortunately the crowds failed to flock in. There was competition from two other markets in town, one that we used to love but was booked full and the IJ-hallen which is in the same part of town.

So we didn’t do well. I sold 11 items in total so imagine. Still want to show the unsuccessful listings I got rid of.

The only piece of clothing that went, one more H&M out of the big suitcase. To our neighbour’s wife, the owners of the stock of books and records in the first picture.

A souvenir bottle opener from Disney World. Out of the emigrant’s kitchen drawer. Obviously he visited the US before moving over definitively.

A funny name sign. To a guy who’s friend Edwin just moved to a new house.

But this necklace of semiprecious stones saved the day. I had intended to list it on Etsy but never did. It’s a kind of strange random collection of beads on a string and I doubted if anyone would fall fort it. It was my most valuable item, a man bought it for his son who was going to redo it.

Mainly thanks to this I came home with a little extra money in my pocket. Still we decided we like this place. We love the view. The man behind it is very nice. He gave all vendors a little discount for the lack of visitors. We don’t have to book in advance. So if it rains we just don’t go. There was a dj who played nice old music. 

It’s a shorter ride than the one we couldn’t book for and we’ve had very bad days there as well. I will also not miss the sand and uneven display surface of that place. This photo is from years ago and the water in the background has been turned to land and is now a building site.

If it's up to me we don't go back here. The mall though is the best place so far. More about that soon.

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