Sunday, May 21, 2017

More From 2016 Part V - Maxi Hoho

A haggler of a buyer just ruined my day who wanted a load of things for next to nothing. Sorry but I don't go cheaper on cheap and you can go to hell with your charity bbq-party. I am my own charity and I really want to sell to people who want something for themselves and keep it for a while. So I better sit down and write another post about such sales that made me feel good. I just don't feel like saying a lot. Well you can just look at the pictures and enjoy.

A small fold-up dog bench, bed included.

A large storage box made of woven cloth.

An extra large tray, marks of usage included.

A weird lamp. Another huge thing. I still don't know if I like it or not.

Another bottle with ear, but of a cheap make and not vintage. Sold the same day.

A plastic dish rack. Well perhaps it's some kind of designer label that my buyer recognized and I didn't. She paid about six times the sales price to get it shipped to Belgium.

I promise this will be last trash bin on the blog for a while. I'm just amazed that they go.

A stainless steel mixing bowl.

A climbing helmet. I was about to accept first bid, but the double amount was offered minutes later. Turned out both were members of the same group planning on a mountain climbing trip.

A mirror in a bamboo frame.

IKEA Hutten wine bottle racks. I had the one for years, but thought it was useless listing it knowing what they cost in the shop. The set was gone within a few days. Difference in height probably due to slight changes in design.

A very rusty lantern. The more rust the better sometimes. This sold very quickly too as most garden stuff.

A pile of an obscure 1970-s magazine. Man had them in his apartment since before selling trash times and I had forgotten until he presented them to me.

A Head tennis racket. Case included.

Another wicker dog bed.

Another item from the March big loot.

IKEA Finntorp dish rack. Funny items to sell after all. Sold one this year already and one will get picked up tomorrow.

And this is a stool with storage space inside. Kind of weird shape isn't it? I think it's 1990-s.

Getting tired now, but I feel a bit better. Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 19, 2017

More From 2016 Part IV - Peugeot GL 10 Moped

I found a large amount of IKEA Rondo crockery a long time before I finally listed it last year because I thought to replace my mismatch with it. I ended up not using it because I kept reaching for the few old things that I held on to for everyday use.

First the coffee cups went out. I had set them apart anyway because I prefer mugs.

For some reason I let the big heavy plates take place in my cupboard for another four months. Then when I finally listed them they were sold in a day. I'd love to find more of this as the money was great too. IKEA doesn't sell this anymore but the line is still very sought-after.

Nothing special here but the litter box, especially designed for kittens was brand new and I knew by then that no plastic object is too cheap to sell even cheaper on line.

It took a while to find a buyer for this, but large poster frames somehow always go. Even with a cracked back board.

My second IKEA Moppe. This one is a bit more worn out than the first, but someone wanted it anyway.

A cute little leather bag by Zara in mint condition. The new owner paid me a very decent price.

Brand new but cheaply made XL trolley suitcase. I gave the buyer a really good deal but I was glad the big thing was out of my house within two days.

A totally busted 1975 Peugeot GL 10 moped. Dragged home by the Man. Lots of hassle with high bidders who didn't read my ad carefully. Yes they are worth a lot when in working or fixable condition. This one was just for parts. But after all it only took a week to find someone who saw the actual value of the heap of rust.

I found a chic lady who was absolutely thrilled with the Rosenthal dish from the big loot of March last year.

It took almost a year to sell this rusty set. I should have listed it when I still had the table top, even though it was cracked. I waited too long, wind blew it over, broke in three pieces.

Music fans are ready to pay for stuff about their idols. I was sure to get a good price for the book that had almost ended inside the paper recycling dumpster. Luckily it was filled to the brim and I could pull it out of the opening along with some others.

No problems selling perfectly usable garden furniture. This wooden chair just had a paint stain on it and it went out after ten days. Though I've currently stopped taking regular chairs in due to lack of storage space I never leave a fold up.

I'm somewhere halfway through the year now, so I hope to be done with around four more posts this size.

Monday, May 15, 2017

More From 2016 Part III - Puhlmann Camping Table

I´m going to ask your attention for another dozen or so curb found objects. Please bear with me, but I´ve got some fun things to look at today.

African woodwork. The lady said she fell for the nasty teeth of the mask.

But this other one from the same haul remained in stock for a long time. Both were brought in by my co-picker.

As well as this rope basket with the label still on it. My cats had no time to wreck it, as they did with another one in the same material that I found later on. It´s theirs now.

And more from my friend. I hated having this huge wall decoration in my room. It sat forever and blocked my cupboard door. Then months after I finally sold it I saw the exact same thing in the trash around the corner. Not from my buyer, she lived more far. But it just makes you think about mass production of cheap things that go out of fashion so quickly.

I keep collecting wicker. I swapped this one for five half liters of beer. I would have taken the money, but the guy wanted to do something ludic. Saved me dragging the load home for the weekend.

A cute lamp with a broken socket. I thought it might go just for the shade, but the guy said he could fix it up.

A set of bicycle handlebars. A not so common wide model. I thought about putting them on my own bike as mine are slightly bent but they were even wider. So I quickly sold them to a cheerful young man who honestly confessed he had had an accident after a few too many drinks.

A vintage designers´ camping table by Puhlmann from Amsterdam. Though it´s very scratched and rusty I found this a very interesting object and once I knew it had a label I decided to list it. It sold after four days.

And some more rust. The plant rack is foldable and just cute. It had to stay only one night in my yard.

I sold the antique garden umbrella foot, once I was sure it was just that and listed it as such. And the time, May, was right for it as well. The lady announced that she would come alone and wasn´t extremely strong. So I managed to shove it in a blue Ikea bag, then together holding one handle each we managed to drag the heavy thing to her car and lift it in. It all lasted just a couple of minutes but for some reason I so enjoyed ´working´ with her. She was nice and it still makes me smile today.

I got a fair bid on the three Delft blue plates. Just showing the Vermeer one here again because I liked that one best.

An antique side table with a drawer that I would have kept if it didn´t need so much work. What you don´t see is that the construction is not in good shape and the edges were damaged as well. Sold to a crafty lady who was probably going to resell after the make over, since she asked if I had more stuff like this.

I had to think a moment, then quickly pulled this single drawer chest out of my storage. You have to see the back side to know it´s hand made and vintage, probably mid century. So far nobody had shown any interest so I was very pleased she took it.

That´s enough for now, more posts soon.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

More From 2016 Part II - GN Container

I quickly continue my list of old sales, because I hope to be finished when market season starts again which will be in two weeks. Be prepared for another mix of more and less interesting objects, but be amazed at what people throw out and found new good use on line.

A thing from a food serving unit. It took some work to find them on line and how the pros describe them but it turned out to be a GN container. Once I new that I found a market sales man who just needed it. Perfect!

A vintage 1970’s camping cooler. Don’t you love the colours? LOL. But I recently sold a newer one and it wasn’t the same strong quality. I just hope the young man who took it takes well care of it.

A set of Arcopal bowls, but not vintage. Well they may be old, but the model is still available allbeit wholesale only. To the same family who bought the 1970's bowls in 2015. I suppose they own a small restaurant.

A handbag by DKNY. Lots of hassle with teenage bidders on this one. You just don’t want to deal with kids who change their mind all the time. In the end I simply sold it to a lady who probably cared more for the model than the logo. At least I know she wasn’t a kid because she sent her plus minus 16 year old son to pick it up.

A plastic trash can, medium size. To a nurse, I don’t know if it was for work or home. She threw more coins in my hand than I had asked for and rushed off. I only noticed when I was back inside.

A 6 liter soup pan from a popular shop. The Man used it once but didn’t like it. They are indeed inexpensive, light weight and they don’t last. But apparently Dutch housewives love them. They use them up and buy again. It was gone within ten days. Well don’t I know pots and pans fly out? Regardless of quality.

A wire cat/pet carrier. This is a very old model they don't make anymore. I borrowed one once and my cats freaked out in it.

It's somewhat handy though because of the wide door and pull-out bottom. Perhaps it was bought for another small animal, but I've got no idea. I shipped it and buyer communication was strictly business.

A large, silly but still cute piggy bank. The bottom cork was missing but I managed to fix it with some kind of foamy stuff I found a few days after I took piggy home. To a student who looked a bit too old for it, perhaps for donations at a party or event or something.

And another plastic trash can. Why not, I thought after the first success. To a French girl.

IKEA Gyllen wall lamp. Out of sale in the shop, I saw an enourmous offer of replacement glass fronts on Ebay, the base is harder to find. Needless to say it sold quickly. The shipping was a bit of a challenge but it arrived safely.

A mop bucket. I gave selling this a try because it has some sort of sophisticated wringer and I succeeded. And I'm always happy to rescue plastic anyway.

I'm going to round it up now:

I passed a spot that I only do when I'm kind of eager to find new stuff. I saw a large Ikea blue bag with books, mainly English titles and a large box with board games. I had to make a choice, only one could come with me. I decided on the books because foreign titles mean less competition and I had no experience with selling games. After dragging the load home I was too tired to go back. However I tried my luck the next day and the box was still there!

The Monopoly sold within 24 hours for a great price. Again, students. I was happy to conclude that the university or college kids apparently still enjoy board game parties.

The offer of Monopolies on the local classifieds was pretty large, but a lot of them were adapted modern kids' versions, so I profited of having the classic and of course being in a university town. 

Underneath was the MAD game, in equally great condition. It took a bit longer but was finally sold for the same purpose as the Monopoly I think.

The third game was a Master Mind, but its box was torn and I dropped that off at free pick-up centre.