Sunday, June 04, 2017

More From 2016 Part VIII - Zadie Smith

The weather last Sunday was way to hot to attract huge crowds to the market, but we came home with a profit nonetheless and I lost a fair load of shoes and some men's clothes.

My only photo is of this H&M vest that I decided not to list after all.

So on with the rest of trash finds sold last year:

An analog Soehnle scale. I thought they were almost obsolete and only took it for the markets. Then found the exact same model is still available retail, though inexpensive. Listed and succeeded. Not everyone wants things with batteries that can go flat.

I thought this newspaper holder was horrendous, but it sold in a week. There are collectors of copper items even though this is just a coat over iron.

Here's a better picture of the scenery.

The expat I spoke about in a previous post also left me a small collection of 1980-s comics. I got silly bids from young kids, but expected that and paid no attention. In the end someone serious wanted the whole lot and I made him a fair price for that.

I forgot if Zadie was in his lot as well, or in the bag next to the board games. Anyway she remained unhandled for a while because the title wasn't in the database of the site where I have my book account. On cold wet days last winter I just sat and scanned piles of such books, trying to get some business in a period where I couldn't do any photography. This was one of the successes that sold within two weeks.

A brand new bamboo mat brought in by the Man. Now I thought this would fly out but it took seven months.

This marble board was near new too, but it had a blob of dried out paint on it that had to be scraped off, which left a matt place. As they are popular to roll out cake toppings I was afraid it might not go, but it was bought to make a memorial tablet so it didn't matter.

That's it, but not all. I found some items I forgot about that sold on the last markets last year to fill up the post.

A skin covered primitive lamp shade. Flogged it but glad I didn't have to take it out twice.

From a different angle. You can see it's not in great shape. I had it since February and really wanted it out of the house.

A jar shaped vase. The text says Mason's Vintage Jars.

And last, a cute door rack. It came with the bamboo mirror.

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