Thursday, April 30, 2009

Queen's Day 2009

Today we're having that wonderful party again in Holland. For this year's celebration I had the honour of being asked to write a story about it on the Etsy Blog in 'The Storque':

If you want to know more about how I will pass the day check my previous posts on the subject. I sure hope to come home with a lot of great finds tonight!

ADDITION (2.15 pm): I'm sorry to report that just before noon local time here a bizarre car crash near the bus of the royal family happened. At this moment all festivities are being slowed down and will be cancelled altogether during the afternoon...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Garden Update II

Last year Octobre or so the plant shop trashed their leftover pansies which I potted in my large curb found planters and they almost all survived the winter.

A couple of weeks ago the first flowers started to come out and I was so pleased to find so many different colours! Right now they bloom in abundancy.

In between the little pots I found some bulbs as well. Unfortunately one was ruined by the cats, but here's the elegant plant that grew from the other one.