Thursday, July 30, 2015

IKEA Mammut Kid's Furniture Plus Free Crochet Basket Pattern

Rectification of my last post:

As you can read in the comments of my last post I dated my little side table incorrectly. My reader’s information greatly helped my further research which learned me it belongs to the IKEA Mammut product line for children which was created in 1993 by Allan Östgaard and Morten Kjelstrup.

What puzzles me is that the IKEA website tells me the furniture is made of plastic to keep it light weight. Now my little table consists of a thick plate of MDF and hollow metal legs. It’s very heavy and does not make you think of a four year old at all. A teenager’s (Seventies) bed side table seemed more likely. Not defending my initial assumption though, I’m just trying to understand how I was mislead.

The question remains when the product material was changed and what value being the original version could add to my possession. I’d love to hear from you if you know.

Other than that it’s fun to find out the little plastic stool I use in my yard to do bike repairs on is a family member of my ‘night table’.

I read the Mammut line was inspired by cartoon drawings and the stool clearly expresses that. It reminds me of the drawing style of The Smurfs though that must not be necessarily the designers’ source.

Thinking about the Smurfs I remembered the felted basket I created years ago. I could see Smurfette carrying it. This would look great in a little girl's bedroom too!

For fun I add a basic description of the crochet pattern.

You need feltable yarn. When you want to felt crochet can be fairly loose. I used a 4.0 mm (US G) hook. When you don’t want to felt use a smaller hook than yarn would normally take so it becomes tight.

Bottom: flat round in sc, row 1: 6 st. row 2: double to 12. row 3 double to 24, then increase 6 each row. In total 11 rows.
Side: 9 rows of dc + 1 row sc.
Ruffled edge: 3 dc in each stitch.
Handle: cast on 6 dc in sc row just under the ruffle (inside). Make as long as you like and stitch to the other side.
Finish: Machine wash hot and tumble dry. Dry with cloth or rags inside to form shape. Sew edges of handle band together with a support inside. I used a twisted plastic covered copper cord. Flowers are pinned on. I still had them lying around. Flower patters can be found all over the web.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Seventies Stuff

Well, we have very bad weather alert so I’m staying inside. Looking through old photo’s that I hadn’t published yet I found this:

I picked it up because it’s in perfect condition and I liked the shape.  As you may know I like a touch of the Seventies here and there in my house, but that colour is somewhat overwhelming and doesn’t fit in my lounge. So it landed beside my bed as a night table.

Not sure if that’s what it was made for! With only one drawer it could be a wall telephone table too.

It was a bit in the way though, so I thought someone might just love it. It wouldn’t sell. After changing things around in my bedroom it’s back by my bed and now actually useful, but not catching the eye too much.

In the same file I found the old ceramic pot. I had it in my bathroom as a décor piece, but it was catching dirt too quickly. Didn’t do anything on line, even with the wineglasses offered for free. I took it to the pop-up indoor market project where on the very last day of the six month period it finally went.

I made more changes in my bathroom. Will write an update soon.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Antique Abacus And How I Managed To Ship The Clumsy Thing

Usually if I find antiques or near antiques at all they are broken or damaged. Like this old chalkboard with abacus I picked up last summer. Still I believed it was worth rescuing and my buyer certainly did too. He was a very friendly guy who confirmed my idea that it was from the 1920-s and told me that judging by the walnut it’s made of was used as an educational toy for higher class children. Curiously I asked him what he was going to do with it and he said it would end up as a picture frame. Quite original!

Unfortunately he lived in another town and asked me to ship it. I was pretty worried about that but in the end it all worked out. First I had to find protective wrapping. Being out of bubble plastic I used several layers of this thin isolation foam. That roll was huge and this is what’s left. An old pick waiting to be used, glad I had it, glad I got rid of the bulk.

So far so good. But then I had to cut open a large box and fold the cardboard around the thing (his idea). I cost me a lot of sweat and almost half a roll of tape to stick it all together, but the man paid extra for packing that so it was all covered.

Then to get the enormous packet over to the post office I dug up my plastic hand truck.

Next day I received an email saying the abacus arrived in good shape with compliments on my wrapping. Despite the effort and sweat thinking of the transaction still brings a smile to my face.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chinese Kitsch

I found this wall hanging around the corner from my block and felt ever so conspicuous carrying it the short walk home! Of course a cyclist passing by shouted a remark to me. But I kept smiling. Somehow I believed in this rescue.

It took a long time to find a buyer but in the end it went to a young man with a light Asiatic look about him and he was thrilled!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Old Wicker Basket Had To Go

Adding a table to my kitchen meant less floor space for laundry baskets so one had to go. Though the loveliest, the wicker one was also clumsiest and the only one that could possibly sell. I put it up at a set price but without success. When the ad expired I forgot about it and left the basket gathering dust under my bed holding some mess out of the way.

Over a year later I was about to offer it in a Facebook free pick up group, then decided to try one last time. Ready to accept any price I left it at free bidding. And what do you know, a week later a lady offered the exact amount I had asked earlier!

When she picked it up she told me she was going to give it a padded lining. Still a bit sad of having to sell it, knowing my basket went to a crafty person made it allright.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Speed Selling On Line: Another Garden Table And A Beach Chair

Some outdoor furniture items are really hot during the summer season and guarantee to help me make ends meet when necessary.

I found this cute wooden table about six weeks ago and immediately decided it wasn’t for keeps as I own a garden set already and some extra cash would be welcome. Just left it in a corner to ‘rest’ for a while. That’s because if found at the dump in front of the house I’m sometimes a bit scared the donating neighbour might see the transaction, LOL. Friday last week it was a good day for picture taking, I listed it 3 pm, had a good bid at 5.30, table was picked up and paid for at 7. Quickest sell ever!

This beach chair saved my life a couple of years ago. I had it for a long time but didn’t use it a lot. One desperate morning I put it up (no worries about the neighbours this time), went to work, got a fair bid during the day and it was also picked up in the early evening so I could still go for groceries for the next few days. Phew! Lucky soon after it was payday.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Earrings From Trash And Etsy Sale

Last time when I posted about my jewelry showcase I forgot to highlight some of the earrings I made from trash. Here they are.

A while ago I saw a pull up curtain I wasn’t interested in, but I noticed something shining half underneath. I found a chain and beads completely entangled in the pulling cord. So I quickly went in for a pair of scissors and just cut it off. The next morning it turned out to be a complete and intact charm bracelet, but I didn’t like it so I took it apart and made several pairs of earrings. All I needed was new fish wires.

Now I plan to turn that other old cutlery case into a jewelry box as well. After all bling sells better than crochet so most of its contents are now heavily discounted on Etsy. Check it out here!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My New Jewelry Display

Tired of unpacking and repacking jewelry I decided it was time for a portable display case that stores the pieces at the same time.

I still had another one of those cutlery showcases and found it was easily transformed. An old cork covered pin board cut to a fraction over size sticks to the bottom and holds itself firmly on the sides. Then I removed the metal strips that keep the lid to open too wide. Now I can open the case almost completely so buyers have a good view. Sewing pins serve as pegs and are easily replaced if another arrangement requires it.

 I left the pockets in the lid as they are. They are perfect for bangles.

An old poly fiber blanket holds the necklaces and earrings in place for transportation. Ready to go!