Friday, August 28, 2015

Another Ugly Lamp And A Bit Of SEO

The Man seems to have a way with bringing me ghastly lamps and when he came home with this huge shade I really thought how will I ever get rid of THAT?

Though it’s vintage, possibly Fifties and very well handmade I didn’t think anybody would still want this in their interior.

But he proved me wrong in a way. When I finally listed the shade a few weeks ago I thought it might make some kind of stage requisite. So I just described it as old-fashioned, not vintage or anything like that. I think it worked because yesterday a lady came for it who needed it as a prop for a singer song writers festival and said she would keep it for future other festivals as well.  And I got more cash for it than I had hoped for!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Mystery Item

I got what I wanted plus a little bit for my lamp foot, so I’m a happy girl.

On to looking back to next item sold in the past that is worth showing.

This is one of the picks from a time when I was furnishing the renovated flat and everything was still for me. The Sixties style and shape immediately spoke to me and I had make over plans but first I had to know what it was!

I had to post it in a T2T chat board to find the answer. One of the older ladies there remembered seeing something like it in beauty salons in the Sixties. So a manicure table it is. Did you guess?

Well the make over plans never realized, the chrome started to show rust stains and in the end I got tired of the thing and sold it. If I remember well it was the same person who picked up the plant pots. He looked at the table when he was here for them and came back later to get it for his wife or girlfriend.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pots And Pans

Vintage German pottery can be worth quite a bit, but not if it’s from a more common line and not in mint condition. I kept this little jug - that has a minor chip at the spout - for years as a vase and listed it when I had enough of it. Didn’t go, packed it in the market bags and managed to sell it at a flea market price after a few times. Just glad it went and I didn’t have to ship it.

Somehow pans always go on line. I can’t be bothered to pack them up for what they bring in and the space they take in the car. When I list them I don’t include shipping options. Someone from town will always come and pick it up.

Made a bit of a mistake in accepting a low bid on this one. I thought it was ok because of the missing lid and crumbled plastic at the bottom of the handle. But Carl Weill is an expensive brand and the stainless steel of the highest quality. Broken and missing parts can be replaced… When the guy, probably a restaurant cook, came for it I could see on his face he had a very, very good deal.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Lamp Foot And my First BIG Sale

Well, I sent the photo’s of my cute wooden lamp foot to Catawiki (a European antiques and art auction site) but they didn’t think much of it so I just listed it on my local site and hope to get at least the little amount they said.

Now I’m not sad because first I tried my Seventies floor lamp stick. I had this for ten years or so and used it as a coat rack. Then I found a real coat rack and used the old thing as a market rack. There a man pointed out to me I could get some money for it, even without the shade and any wiring.

But I had no clue and almost sold it for way too little. But then someone emailed me over the reserved ad, not being able to see what the deal was he offered me 75 Euros. I was in total shock and had to look three times. Thankfully I had the others phone number and was able to cancel.

So lesson learned: never close a deal too quickly if you don’t know what you can get. Fun is though that the second guy was so eager to win the bid he even paid an advance by bank transfer. Makes me wonder if I could have gotten more out of it after all? Never mind, with this added to a couple of more sales for the usual amounts not worth mentioning, but more than expected really, I think I’m doing pretty well for the slow summer period.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Shiva And A Horrible Tulip Lamp

I’m not 100 percent sure if this is really supposed to be Shiva but it’s the best resemblance I could find. I found it facing down on the wet pavement and didn’t expect anything of it but the quality of the canvas seemed ok, so I took in anyway and after drying up I thought it would be good enough for my upcoming flea market. My friend was sure it would go and it did. No big money but we had a good laugh.

The Man brought this lamp in. He meant well, but I tried two markets and the internet and it just wouldn’t go. I finally listed it in my Facebook free pick-up group and even there it took a while. If I ever see one again I’ll leave it for someone else.

Friday, August 07, 2015

An Interesting Lamp Foot

Inspired by other bloggers (see my blog list) and an almost mess free house I went on the lookout a bit further than my own street, then just around the corner I found this sitting by itself on the curb:

Unfortunately there are no marks on it. So impossible to say where it’s from or how old it is. There are parts that speak for it and parts that speak against it.

The base is very light weight and looks more like something coated than solid brass. The cable and plug look Seventies but the bottom has been out (see the bump?) so it’s possibly been rewired. But then hopefully that plastic ring has been put in on that occasion as well.

The candle though looks old and I’ve seen it on a Etsy item that was dated mid 20th century.

But furthermore I love the woodwork and all the pretty details.

Has anyone ever seen anything like it? Value? I would love to hear from you!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

More Cool Stuff For The Garden

I still have to cover some sales from the past few years. Here are three more for the garden:

Having successfully sold big flowerpots before I was very happy when the Man came home with these three stacked up on his bicycle. Though listed separately they all went to the same buyer in one go.

This Roman style wooden stool was waiting for me across the street and went to a rather posh but friendly lady. Seemed like the right object for the right person.

Finally the lantern - also from my close neighbours - was picked up by a fun loving type of girl who was going to throw a garden party the next day. This looks older than it is and was cheaply made, but the rust adds to its charm and I haven’t found a new one for sale the same size and shape and I got a good price for what it is worth.