Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Ikea Wire Chairs

That famous slim design fold-up chair from the eighties, two of them right at the collection point in front of my door! And I just loved the colour. Kept them for a while with the idea of gifting them to someone at some point. But nobody needed them. As my friend Tracy found herself a furnished studio I would have to keep them for years to come before she gets an apartment of her own.

So I dragged them to the flea markets a couple of times, but without success. Then finally listed them on an auction site and sold them within two weeks to a hip young lady who found them just super cute.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Knitting Again

I’m so happy I picked up knitting again and it feels good. I missed it, but I know I have to avoid purling because that’s what probably gave me the pain that forced me to stop and switch to crochet years ago.

But with these little bow projects there’s no need.

Also a complete bag in T-shirt yarn works up beautifully all knit.

A new stimulus to attack that enormous stash of knitwear still to unravel and T-shirts to cut up that I dragged home from the trash! Here are the red acrylic I used for my bows and some freshly cut tarn.

Now I’m so pleased because yesterday I sold my first knit bow through my Etsy shop

and on top the lady also ordered a pair of my re-assembled earrings! First sale in months so I decided to celebrate with a coupon code for my recycling minded blog readers. Just type in LOOKWHATIFOUND and you’ll get 10% off automatically.