Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Kitchen Chairs

More furniture I once picked up for myself, but finally sold to make space in my tiny apartment. I used them at my computer desk and my sewing table, but then found something more comfortable for the first and a simple stool for the second that can be shoved under the table leaving more space in that little room.

I still liked those chairs so moved them to my kitchen, but they were hardly ever used and only took place. So out they went to a happy young girl.

Now for the once in a while I sit at my kitchen table I keep this cute vintage tripod, also to be easily shoved underneath when I need it out of the way!

One of these days, when my downsizing project is complete I may show some overall indoor pictures of my room and kitchen - with that pretty table - but we’re not there yet…

Monday, August 05, 2013

The Mirror

I always appreciate it when people tell me a bit about the purpose of their buy. This mirror went to a young lady who had just opened a hair salon in vintage style. She came all the way from Tilburg to pick it up in Amsterdam!

It made me happy to hear that because I picked the mirror up for myself 15 years ago and only due to my current downsizing project it had to go. As you can see I had to take it outside to make the photo because I had no room indoors. Now it’s being used again instead of gathering dust in a corner of my house.