Friday, March 25, 2011

My Laptop Cover

Castaway t-shirts come in trash bags full from the curbs. Either lightly stained or faded, once cut into t-yarn that makes no difference. But often there’s nothing wrong with them at all.

I use the yarn to make potholders, small bags or pouches and even wrist bands. My attempt to make a larger bag ended up in a drawer because I made it to wide and it turned out too heavy to properly fit handles or a shoulder sling on it.

Then I found use for it when I needed protection for my work laptop. As I bring it to the office in a bag that hangs from my bike’s luggage carrier a trolley is useless for me and the shoulder bag that came with the laptop is too large to fit in the bicycle bag.

Though a bit too wide on the sides the height is just fine. T-yarn products are very durable. I’ve used my laptop cover for almost a year now and it shows no signs of wear yet.

If you want to make one of your own all you have to do is make a swatch and crochet around a chain in the number of stitches you’ve calculated. I used double crochet for this project and you will need roughly two large t-shirts.

If you want to find more information and tutorials about bag making with t-yarn or plarn take a look at RecycleCindy’s blog
Fitting the zipper in my bag was a hassle and it’s also after this project that I developed my trick to make it easier. Read about that in this old post.