Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Bag Of Potting Soil

I really wonder what the story is here. Someone decides to repot some indoor plants and buys a bag of 20 liters of potting soil. They end up using not even a tenth of that amount. Place the bag in a (balcony) closet, the attic or something for the next time they need it. But somehow they got rid of all their indoor plants or only bought complete new ones and threw out the old ones every so often? After a couple of years the soil in the bag got completely dried out, they consider it useless and throw it in the trash? I just can't believe they have a garden and not found use for the stuff.

I also don't believe they put it out with the idea of 'someone will pick it up' as most people do when the put out furniture (including myself). They just really trashed this. What a waste. Waste of money for them, waste of resources for the Earth and everybody. Lucky thing I came by and spotted it.

Not that I really need potting soil, since I make my own compost with only fallen leaves from my garden, but the stuff comes in handy filling up those holes on the side when I repot plants to bigger pots. Especially because it's so dried up, it falls in like sand!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I don't mean creams, lipsticks or other things you smear on your face, but I don't mind taking for example a bottle of nail varnish from the trash. Perfume is expensive, so I don't say no to a free bottle.

These varnishes weren't even used and came complete with the accessories in the cute case. The cardboard files are brand new too. I have no problem at all using up the leftover of remover. The perfume (when I found it the bottle was almost full) was a Queensday pick from left behind goods of the flea market vendors.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Selling Trash

I love sending my trash all over the world. Preferably I just give it away and I use curb found items as (second) prizes in my contests.
But recently I sold my first real trash item through Etsy. I forgot where and how I found this cute knitting spool, but probably in a bag of toys. I still have my own old knitting spool and I couldn't use it as a prize because it had to ship as a parcel. That's a bit too expensive for a giveaway.
I was anxiously waiting for the buyer to send feedback for a couple of weeks, but she just did yesterday, so I'm quite happy about that now. Unfortunately I made a mistake with the shipping rate and undercharged, so I practically didn't make any money with the sale but that doesn't matter. I'm just glad someone across the world is now happily spool knitting on a tool that I rescued.

And this is Cat's prize! The winner of my last contest has good taste and chose an item that I made from a real landfill rescue, while most of the yarn of my crocheted work in my shop at the moment is still from my thrifted and vintage stock.

Recently I found several pairs of pretty brand shoes that are not my size. One pair never used, the others in very good condition. As I've seen others selling second hand shoes on Etsy, I think I'm going to give that a try real soon.
These are Sacha sandals.
Original Bally's fabric covered pumps with a genuine leather sole.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Winners

And the winner is....
First let's go to the correct answers to my Summer Contest: The Simba dolls are picture 3 middle and right, picture 5 middle. The vintage doll is picture 2 right. Two of the Simba's were easy to recognize by their hair from my Etsy shop, then knowing their face (all the same) I thought it would be easy to find the third. Can you see the vintage doll sitting with her stiff legs in front of her on the main photo? Also on the detail photo you can see her make up is much lighter than all the other dolls. Clearly my whole concept (four answers to find) was too complicated, because I had the stunning number of six replies, one of them not participating. I decided not to extend the due date, because I hate to linger on and what's not working is not working, period. Due to the few responses I didn't make a draw, but a personal choice of the winners.

So let me present you my six wonderful contestants and their sites/blogs as far as they have one and explain how and why I chose the winners. Despite the lack of responses I had a boost in visitors and made just enough in ad revenue to cover the costs of the postage, so nothing's lost. And now my biggest fun is starting, because I'm going to give away the prizes!

First Mary (m/mi) sent me a PM over from the HGTV Knitting & Crochet board. As turned out in the end, she was the only one who had all answers right and took the trouble to go over to my shop and comment on my work. Unfortunately she won my last contest, so I hope she understands it will have to pass this time...

I'm grateful for Barbie expert Vikki from Pimp My Barbie to have come over and taken the time to really study my dolls and try to name them. Her answers were correct (of course!) but not complete and I would have loved to know what she thinks of my Barbie dresses... Yet I do hope to get her some extra visitors to her blog this way, so she will feel her effort wasn't for nothing.

Debbie, from My Cozy Cottage World, just thank you for stopping by and letting me know. I sure miss you on the (BlogCatalog) boards.

Of course I expected a response from my good friend Jenn T. of The Thrift Shop Romantic. Or perhaps she'd appreciate it more if I mention her new humour blog, Of Cabbages and Kings. She'd be in with two correct answers even though she too forgot my shop, but you know, I did send her that Christmas present last year... Sorry Jenn, I'm sure you understand.

A last minute reply came from Sarisue from the HGTV-boards. With three correct answers and taking the trouble to review my work I think she deserves to win my second prize, the lovely silk scarf. Also because she revealed to me she makes doll's dresses and I'd like to see those some time.

Which leaves me with Cat from down under. I also met her on the HGTV boards, where she profiles herself as the most productive, most enthusiastic crocheter I met so far on line. But apart from that her work is all self designed and quite humourous (I think) and if she does copy she gives it always a touch of her own fun style. On top she shares all her designs on her weblog and website, both named Cats-Rockin-Crochet. And rocking she is. Highly recommended! She's not afraid to show all her try-outs and she does stand critique. Cat had only two correct answers but she did take the trouble to judge my work. On top I find in her an ever enthusiastic responder to my posts on the board, so to thank her for her support and her friendship I think she well deserves to win the first prize. As she let me know in her private comment she likes my polka dotted hearts coasters I will gladly send those over to Australia! Unless you'd really want something else Cat, just let me know!

To end here are some pics of a crazy dress I designed a while ago. Inspired by a thrift shop find of real goat hair sock wool, Ken's curb found sword, Joan of Arc and Wagner's Walk├╝res.

Winners are contacted through PM on HGTV. Thanks everybody, hope to see you again in my next game!