Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dresser

Here's another fine addition to my BF's flat. The previous owners of this dresser had put it on its side on the curb with all the drawers pulled out next to it, but that couldn't fool us, since we recognize a good piece. It's made of solid wood, only the back and the drawer bottoms are hardboard. One leg had to be reattached and one (at the back, so invisible) replaced.
It stores a lot of stuff and matches perfectly with his sturdy table (see May, 24). He didn't stop to talk about it for days. I didn't know a guy could be so excited about a piece of furniture.

It's a very heavy piece and we couldn't have moved it home without this very handy and helpful find of a couple of months ago: a genuine mover's dolly (company name and all stamped on it). You may think it's just a plank on four wheels, but these things are expensive. I suspect the guys forgot it after moving someone in somewhere. Rather than one simple phone call to the company, they just threw it on the street. It's one of those times when you think: What are people thinking?


Unknown said...

Great dresser! Also want you to know that you've received the "Nice Matters" award. Take a look at my blog for more info.

Le-Chat said...

Thanks Sher! I feel truly flattered and I hope I will find time soon to pass on my award.


rhino said...

in awe of that movers dolly :O
family of 5 in a 2 br im always rearranging furniture :)

Le-Chat said...

I once had an office job where I had to purchase some of those dollies for the handyman. I had wild dreams about stealing one to take home... Can you imagine people just throw that out!